bbq love

So I finally did. I guess I should say "we." My husband and I had our first date day of the New Year! 

My wives club meets during my church's small group semester, three semesters per year, and one thing I'm a strong advocate for is date night. But the kicker is husband and I have NEVER had a date night!!! We may go on a date every few months, and let me tell you, by that time it is so long overdue a quick attitude is likely guaranteed at some point during the event. I guess you could say that we allowed "busy" to dictate our time together. longer! Today I happily left work, met my husband at Moe's, talked about nothing special and had some much needed quality time. Thank God for the little things that mean so much!

So, that's it. I just wanted to share my bbq happy and give myself a kudos for starting off the New Year being more intentional with my relationships :)