I'm back. Really.

I posted my last post nearly three months ago and life has charged along full speed. BUT…

I think I will be back to blogging weekly (I think I did that at one point!) as of next week, as I will be gaining more structure back into my life. Without going into too much detail right now, and rehashing all the things that may cause me to stress out just a little… below are all the things that will be happening soon!

  1. My family will be moving into our new home within the next 30ish days!!! (Maybe sooner depending on finishing the build)

  2. My work from home/stay-at-home working mom gig may be expanding

  3. The Heartfully Built podcast is in the works, and,

  4. I will finally have some time set aside in a few weeks to self-publish my finished book!

So, if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m a procrastinator, and that one week away may really mean three, BUT….I’m super excited to branch out and start spreading the Heartbully Built message via podcast and continue sharing ALL of my mothering and Christianity thoughts on the blog. A few of my next blog topics are as follows (not necessarily in this order!):

  • mega church chronicles, post 3 (types of believers in the mega church)

  • mega church chronicles, post 4 (looking to God solely as a fixer)

  • spiritual nourishment

  • sovereignty of us v. Him

I’ll be writing you soon :)