good change

I texted with a sweet friend earlier and I’ll tell all of you who keep up with my shenanigans the same thing: I had a break this week and it’s like all of the prayers and long days in front of my computer are paying off! For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, I’ve recently began to work for myself and I think I’m officially exiting the struggle bus!!!

For anyone who has found herself in a position of leaving a full time, salaried position with benefits on hopes, dreams and the desire to work from her back patio on the hotter days, one thing I’ve learned is that in the process, you have to work as hard as you did in your secure, salaried role to get your new venture up and running. Meaning, you can’t be afraid to work, organization is key, and your newfound “freedom” may be freeing, but not necessarily in all of the ways you initially imagined.

Have you ever thought about jumping into something new on your own and found yourself surrounded by those who are scared to do the same, who feel the need to voice all of your worst fears aloud? Or maybe, you are your own worst enemy, telling yourself over and over again that security is better. Maybe your goals are not truly meant for you?

Well, they’re lies. Every word.

In the past, when I thought of the word success, my mind would wander first toward the monetary benefits. If I had this much money in the bank, or made that much money each month, things would be good. But I’ve learned that what is good is peace of mind, joy, purity and honesty in relationships and truly having lots of time with my family is what is good.

After watching a really great sermon online from John MacArthur a few months back, a verse continues to come to mind that he referenced in his message.

In Psalm 143.:10, David says, Teach me to do your will, for you are my God.

I think about this verse often since hearing this message. I’ve wanted 2019 to be my year of not only learning to know God’s word, but a year of actually incorporating it and living to do His will. I think in doing so, and not trying to “discover” what I’m purposed for, I am learning to fulfill His purpose for me as a wife, mother and woman in general. I’m starting to see change in my life from living in His will and it feels good. Is it easy? Nope. Do I do things I’d rather not do? Yes. Do I feel confident in knowing that I’m living the way I should? Yes.

That’s all that matters :)