shame, shame, toenail shame

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to get more acetone.”


I smiled and nodded, watching the super cute nail technician step away to refill her bottle with the nail polish remover. I looked down at my toes. The pink nail polish I successfully reapplied (without removing) for a good year’s time remained, staring back at me in defiance, just as shiny as it was on one of the many dozens of times I reapplied it in haste! It was like it was willing itself to embarrass me further. Just wipe away, I murmured to myself, sneaking a peak at the woman soaking her feet next to me, sliding further down into the abyss of the plush, massage chair I was too worked up to take advantage of using…


Okay, so I’m being super dramatic, but my neighbor in toe crimes was definitely a regular. I could tell by the way she casually walked in and engrossed herself in chitchat with her regular technician and immediately activated her massage chair. I did gain valuable knowledge as they spoke about how great a new show on Hulu was, as I had been eyeballing it myself. I definitely made a note to self. Furthermore, I knew she was definitely past the point of haphazardly reapplying her toenail polish in maniacal swipes before she headed out the door barefoot, driving in bare feet until her toes dried, or taking a risk and applying before anyone else in her office smelled the scent of nail polish before her morning meeting. Yes, I’ve done both. You’re not living unless you’ve tried to polish your toes and get rid of the scent before your office populates.


The biggest indicator of her consistency at the salon? Her guy didn’t need MORE.ACETONE. He swiped each of her toes once or twice, and her polish rapidly became nothing more than plum-colored polka dots floating atop the trash bin.

I remember the days when I used to bask in self-care. I would take a bath for unreasonably long amounts of time, lather myself in the best lotion for my skin I could find, style my hair perfectly (ALL THE TIME) and dress as my best self. Even for trips to the store. And, most importantly, even when other people wouldn't see me. My self care was me-focused, and wasn't based on where I would be going, who I would see, and how long it would take for me to do it. I just did it.

Now, as a wife to one and mother to one, I learned a few things about myself during this “event.”

Number 1 – I absolutely enjoy being pampered. Mom life does not allow for this much, outside of Mother’s Day.

 Number 2 – I really need to stop reapplying nail polish without removing the past coat(s). It wreaks havoc with my “put together” persona and causes complete shame. Especially when my technician is super cute and “put together.”

 Number 3 – I need to be able to experience more days doing something strictly for myself. I used to think this was selfish, but everyone needs a little alone time and self-care is always necessary.

 So how can you take care of yourself, Mama?

Choose at least one day every few weeks that is strictly yours. If you like to read and drink coffee, go read and drink coffee. If you like being pampered, schedule yourself a spa day. Keep this date, and if life happens and you have interference, never cancel, just reschedule.

Take care of your toes. When you are in a hurry and see that a few of your toenails need to be redone, take fifteen minutes and do the job right. Unless, however, you need just one swipe on your big toe…

Or the color is a light one and can use a second coat…

Or you’re just in a hurry like mamas are sometimes and cannot find the nail polish remover quick enough…