the maniacal wife

Last night I felt like I was crazy. Have you every felt like you're crazy?

Like, you're looking at your husband after he has NOT done something you've asked (A MILLION TIMES) and you just feel the urge to scream at the top of your lungs? Sometimes I think about doing this, but the hubs and I try very hard to keep everything sunshine and rainbows, or at least avoid one another, during times of disagreement, so I refrain from this because I don't wanna scare my kid. *I will just keep screaming for thrills in my Jeep while I'm driving to let go. Or maybe your Little person, who is absolutely adorable with virtually all of his top teeth gone, is slightly taking advantage of watching "just one more" cartoon because he sees you in your go-to Victoria's Secret joggers and white tee that means mama is about to lounge around on every couch, chair and bed to try to alleviate her migraine. He knows we study on school nights and mama strives to fill him up with intellectual things. At least during the weekdays. Game on for some tv and bad food on Friday night and Saturday. Multiple episodes of everything on Nick Jr. later....

ma*ni*a*cal: adjective

1) Exhibiting extremely wild or violent behavior

2) (Informal). Exhibiting or denoting obsessive enthusiam.

3) (Psychiatry). Suffering from mania.

I'm quick to say that number three is likely my jam by default, only because I'm not obsessed with anything to such an exteme (although I've really taken a crazy cool liking to Fighting for the Faith and Pirate Christian Radio), and I'm not violent (yet) :) Or maybe its true what "they" say about being a Gemini. I'm really just two people in the body of one.

I think that is what I'll go with. 

Dear Husband, 

I think you have two wives. Helena enjoys ugly crying, complaining for virtually no reason, and only combing her hair sometimes. Marlena is her shiny, golden opposite. But you already know this :) I made sure to wake up and give you big hugs this morning and love on you because I know last night was like an episode of SNAPPED. Helena went to bed last night, and Marlena woke up this morning, sans migraine. You're welcome, sweetheart!



*This post is not meant to demean or classify anyone with a psychiatric disorder in a negative or less than light.  I take such cases seriously. I'm just a mom and wife who loves my family and requires a good laugh every now and then when I feel overwhelmed.