don't let the world steal your day

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I let the enemy beat me up today.

It sucked.

Now that I've collected myself, I've backtracked and thought about everything gone wrong and how I reacted. Ugh. Nothing feels worse than thinking you've made progress in your maturity as a Christian, and falling down. Far. And hard. 

Yesterday nothing and no one could touch me. A friend recently told me about a past experience of hers. She was waiting for a retail store to open up so she could get a pair of shoes that would be limited in supply. She was in the front of the line, and when the doors opened, she was trampled over by a herd of college football players who didn't understand the concept of the word "line." Yesterday, I could have been that girl, trampled at the front of line and you know what? I would have probably gotten up, crying of course, but I would have been okay. I wouldn't have yelled and screamed, I would have kept my cool, shaken it off and moved on. Fast-forward to today, I came home and got ready to load clothes in my dryer only to find that my husband have transferred clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer, running a cycle of dry clothes with wet clothes. Have I done this? Lazily, yes, on occasion. Did that matter today? Nope. While he was on a work call I managed to slam two doors, huff and puff while I hung a huge stack of clothes that had been piled up in my bedroom chair for days and jokingly (hmm...was I really joking?) threatened to do bad things to him if he happened to make that same laundry faux paux again....

What happened between yesterday and today? 

Correction, the question should be, what should have happened today that happened yesterday? 

Prayer. I woke up yesterday morning before the sun came up, tidied up a little bit in my home, made some hot tea and a small breakfast and spent time in God's word. 

What did I do today? I rolled over, woke up at the same time I did yesterday, but let the fact that the family dog had crept into my room overnight (in all his smelly glory I may add), irritate me enough to shoo him out and into the hubs' office and crawl back in bed. Could I have stayed awake? Yes. Would I have been better for it? Absolutely. Instead, I wake up an hour and a half later, late, and grab my phone. What pulled up? Of course, a negative posting on Facebook. 

The key here? Let God be first in your day. Don't start your day off with the world, because grace and mercy aside, it doesn't feel good to backtrack. 

Set your alarm, people.