and it begins!!!!

Who could have guessed that passing out invitations to an almost five year old's birthday party could be so stressful????

Okay. So, I generally overthink things but yesterday was the first time I ever selectively passed out invitations to ANYTHING. There were fifteen invitations tucked away in my Erin Condren day planner, and fifteen kids who showed up for belt testing at karate, which in a normal person's mind means wheeww! Easy. Problem Solved. Just give every kid in attendance an invite. Right? Wrong. 

You see, there is a select group of kids that started the karate cycle with my own little person, and they've kind of grown through the ranks together. Then, there is another group of kids who have started during the course of the season, kids we virtually have no real interaction with. So my thought is, why not pass out invites to the group we are closer to, and get to know the others over time? Who knows, maybe we will grow into friendships over the next year??? I. DON'T. KNOW. 

Let's just say that in order to not draw attention to myself with a pink dayplanner and bee stamped invitations was pretty hard. BUT...I timed things pretty much perfectly. No one had hurt feelings, I didn't have to hear my child tell someone "No, you can't come" (I would have died if that was the case!), and I don't feel like I'll have any parents looking at me weird in the upcoming weeks as they wonder why their kid wasn't invited. 

Should I worry about this? I'm actually pretty certain now that I've thought about it that these other adults have other things to worry about. #momstruggle