recognizing your counterfeit

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When I think about something being counterfeit I immediately think about money, as most people would. At church recently, in the middle of our relationship series, my pastor spoke about counterfeits as people. People that upon further thought can aid in changing the course of our relationships, and most importantly, God's purpose for us. Realistically, what is a counterfeit? How can I apply this knowledge to my Christian faith? More specifically, how can I apply this as a woman?



  1. made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.

    synonyms:fake, faked, bogus, forged, imitation, spurious, substitute, ersatz, phony


  2. 1.

    a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.

    synonyms:fake, forgery, copy, reproduction, imitation; More


  1. 1.

    imitate fraudulently.

    synonyms:fake, forge, copy, reproduce, imitate

In my adulthood, especially since becoming married, and later accepting Christ after becoming a married woman, "right" relationships have become a huge priority for me. I am constantly thinking about what my body language says to the opposite sex. What kind of vibes do my verbal or written language radiate to others? I truly believe these answers serve as a stimulus for relationships that lead in the "right" direction and the "wrong" direction. 

For instance, have you ever compared your signifcant other to someone else? Have you gotten into a huge argument with your husband about something, only to get to work or another social setting to discover that there is someone of the opposite sex who is the exact replica, in a very similar situation, of what you're wanting your husband to be like? This is not a coincidence! The enemy is so conniving that sometimes he is able to make us believe that what he wants is what we want. Of course we play a huge role in this when we saunter off and follow our feelings, but once we think about whatever "it" is, this thing that we know is wrong, we're already giving the enemy a foothold to wreak havoc in our lives.

God's word says that even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14-15), so what makes us think that it is impossible for him to use some of the people in our lives to bolster the darkness from our thoughts into even the tinest action...likely resulting in steps in the direction opposite of where God has called for us to be? 

Keeping your counterfeits at bay

1) Just like that colorful, counterfeit monopoly money most of us have played with at some point, your counterfeit will have no value. That is not to say that this person is worthless because God has the ability to change us, and make us brand new in Christ, but in the same essence, this individual may be worthless to you and your purpose. 

2) Your counterfeit will make you compromise SOMETHING. This SOMETHING may be your your committment to your priorities, your sexual integrity and more, all which ultimately fracture your relationship with God. A counterfeit dollar bill gives you money, but not money that you can exchange for the value it represents. If you are in relationship with a counterfeit you will find yourself depleted because you're constantly giving and going without fueling yourself.  

3) Your counterfeit will enter your life when you're not at peace. Are you single? Maybe you're married. In either case, these counterfeits enter our lives during the times we feel lowest about ourselves, either because we've allowed the world to tell us that we aren't daughters of the Highest King Almighty, or maybe because we've allowed an argument, hurt feelings or a rough patch with our husband to cause an unsettling in hearts. The enemy is convincing. When you argue with your husband and you begin to think about divorce, or seeing who's yard is greener, you better believe that is the time when a friend who is in an unsavory situation with her own spouse will come to you, maybe even causing you to consider the path of destruction she may be taking. Or he may even attack with something as minute as getting a compliment with someone outside of your relationship telling you exactly what you need to hear from your partner but havent. 

 The enemy is looking to convince you that your confusion is normal and that your feelings will "get you out of it," and, if you're focused, he's going to work his butt off to try to make your path to Christ just a little unsteadier to benefit his agenda, which is keeping your in the darkness and isolated from Christ. Seek relationships to enrich you! When you are in times of desperation, or, are instead in times of complete focus and dedication, understand that timing is absolutely key for a counterfeit to enter into your life.