we can't do it all for them...

Last Thursday, I stood alongside my husband, our shoulders slightly touching as we watched our Little complete the obstacle course and move his little body through the stances required during his recent belt testing in karate class. My heart beat fast.

Proud mama that I am, I found myself wondering. What if he doesn't get his yellow belt? What if he is the only one who doesn't get it? What will be the best way for me to explain why he didn't pass his belt test? Realistically I could say, "Well, baby, you bounce in class. A LOT." It makes me smile to picture him doing something well in class and bounce, bounce, bounce himself away, sometimes talking to himself in his own little world. But then I see his instructor look at him and give him a slight nod "no" to get him back on track and my heart beats a little quicker. He's got to get this new belt!!! Surely he is ready! But is he?

Since becoming a mother, I find myself championing for my son and everything he does, whether it be karate, raising money for school functions, and the list goes on. And on. And on. But as much as I hate to admit it, as I watched him during his first belt testing attempt ever, I am slowly beginning to realize that I cannot always do for him. He's got to learn, grown and create his own accomplishments. He's got to start putting in the work for these things he wants to achieve.

A nervous wreck throughout the entire process, hastily watching and comparing his movements to others' in his class, we finally finished, and I coerced my husband to go along with us to World Market to start out hunt for new dishes. My Little started asking about his new belt and when he was going to get it. Not knowing beforehand that it took a few days to find out the testing results, I gave him a squeeze, many kisses and opened a the usual soda he grabs whenever we head into World Market and asked him the most important question I had asked during this entire belt testing process. Baby did you do your best? Nods. Says yes. Smiles. Accepts kiss and hug from Mama. Moves on.

Parents were told that not receiving a phone call on Monday or Tuesday was a good thing. Meaning, parents of the children who did not pass their belt exam will get phone calls from instructors today or tomorrow. Today is Monday. It's 11:15 and there have been no calls yet. Either way, we're moving on. My baby did his best. He has excitement in his heart for what he is doing in class. That's all that matters :)

To be continued...