Hey Y'all...



I am so excited and thankful you've taken the time to read this blog! Kudos to you for making the time, because goodness knows how busy mommies are these days.

My name is Marlena and I feel like I'm marked. No, I'm not a religious person. I don't condemn people and send everyone who doesn't agree with me to you-know-where. I am however, really excited about my growing relationship with Jesus and am basicaly obsessed with the Savior who gave His life so that I may live mine in His Spirit, so I may know God. It's overwhemlming really, and I I'm at the point in my life that I'm ready to share my experiences and growth with people who are like I was before I was renewed!

I'm a thirty-two year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, and motherhood columnist. Prior to living in the South I never said "y'all" but now I LOVE IT. The trained journalist in me absolutely despises it, but the implanted gypsy me loves it! Did I tell you that I also love Starbucks' blond coffee at 5 a.m. after a good early morning workout? (Let's be honest, this happened during one of those times I was on a weight loss kick and it lasted a grand total of about 3 days... and about two months to recover from!) And fish tacos and pizza from just about anywhere? Guilty. And guilty. 

I truly hope you read something on this site that is inspiring and creates a spark in you to do something purposeful. While I will have many posts related to life experience, I will also have an occasional post related to home and DIY projects (the likelihood of posting finished products will be a rare thing, so prep yourself for that :)), clothing (because at 33 years old, I am still trying to find my "style,") interior design, and, most importantly, His word. As a believer, it is my responsibility to be a light. Am I perfect at doing this? NO MA'AM! I'm not. Actually...I'm so far from perfect that I've decided that life isn't about perfection and getting things right. It's about how you handle yourself in imperfection situations and circumstances. I will likely "get in my feelings" about issues that happen in society that relate to my brown family, ideally my son, and just like I will not apologize for believing in Jesus, and reinforcing His Word, I will do the same when it comes to blogging about what is "right," regardless of how unpopular.

I write a monthly Mommy Column, The Mommy Chronicles, in Druid City Living, which is a hyperlocal publication based out of Tuscaloosa, AL. I am also a contributing writer for Undeniably God Ministries. My first book, Pacifier's Flatbeds and Barn Wood Thingamajigs, A "Come to Jesus Guide" for the New, Southern Mom, will be published and for sale in the early months of 2018. Or Summer 2018. Or maybe, even Fall 2018. Writing a book a being a mom is hard guys, cut me a break :)  It will get done when it gets done. Let us pray that it happens sooner because let me tell you, the pressure is real and I want so badly to reach young women, old women, and all women with truths that I wish I myself was aware of prior to getting married and becoming a mom.